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Public Safety Thermal Imaging Powered by FLIR Infrared

Public Safety drones for situational awareness and operational safety. Thermal Vision


Search and Rescue, Public Safety, and First Responders Customized UAS integration and training for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Professionals. We offer Real-time air-to-ground video and thermal imaging for Fire Fighters Search and Rescue, Situational Awareness, Fugitive Apprehension, Traffic Investigation and most importantly Operational Safety.

• Law Enforcement

• Fire Fighting

• Search & Rescue

• Game Warden


When Duty Calls.

Having the tools and technology at your disposal to get the job done is critical.

We specialize in unmanned aerial systems and handheld imaging tools that can quickly help mitigate risk and save lives.

Our ready-to-deploy systems utilized the latest imaging technology helping you to quickly get the job done when every second counts.

Our systems are customized for the Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, and Search & Rescue markets. 

The Right UAS Accessories All in One Place

In order to ensure the safety of the pilot as well as those in the surrounding area, the FAA has requested all UAS pilots create a designated take-off and landing zone. In order to help you fulfill this requirement, we partnered with Powerflare Safety Lights. This ultra-rugged lighting and safety product is great for creating your designated take-off and landing zone day and night.



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