UAS THERMALS® is a Registered Trademark Owned and Operated by Planet Inhouse, Inc. Your Aerial and Industrial Imaging Solutions Partner

UAS THERMALS® Doing Our Job So You Can Do Yours

UAS THERMALS™ Delivers Professional Support, Training and Sales of Aerial Infrared Systems

UAS THERMALS® provides professional support, training, and sales of air-to-ground infrared systems. Our dedicated sales and support team is your best source to shop for all your thermal imaging and analysis needs. We specialize in the commercial roofing, public safety, utilities, civil development, and agricultural industries. As a FLIR Authorized Distributor and commercial systems integrator, we offer the latest in aerial infrared UAS technologies, infrared handheld devices, and test and measurement instruments.

We provide state-of-the-art technology both in the  air and on  the ground.  We offer the latest in FLIR  aerial drone technology  as well as handheld imaging  devices that will help your  business save both time  and money! UAS THERMALS® is  proudly based in the  U.S.A, providing sales, service, and  support to all located within the United States. Our staff of highly skilled and certified pilots and infrared thermographers are on-hand to help guide & support your purchase, as well as offer additional training and services. UAS THERMALS® is the industrial and aerial solutions provider ready to take your business to new heights.