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In the air, on the ground, or in the water, the use of unmanned systems with advanced flight controls and GPS precision continue to deliver significant capabilities to make our lives safer, more secure, and more productive.

Our packages and turn key systems offered by FLIR allow police, fire and other first responders to quickly locate lost children, help fight wildfires and respond to natural disasters. They assist the Coast Guard in rescue missions and help the Border Patrol keep our borders secure.

UAS Thermals can help you boost agricultural production and increase efficiency along with helping everyone better protect our environment. In the construction and commercial roofing business you can quickly target problem areas, water penetration, air leaks and much more.

The UAS field is currently generating high quality, well paying jobs across the country in a variety of fields. Surveying and mapping with our systems is quickly becoming a growing trend amongst our customers. Our systems and 3rd party software allow large areas to be mapped with high resolution geo-referenced images at a cost never before available.

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