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FLIR T1020 with standard 28° Lens and optional 45° Lens w/Case


The FLIR T1020 IR Camera will keep your business and clients up and running and keep repair costs under control. With the its 1024 x 768 Resolution/30Hz w/28° Lens and optional and optional 45° Lens you now get the sharpest results, the truest temperature readings and the most flexibility with this IR camera. A rotating optical block keeps your display and viewfinder in a comfortable position while scanning overhead and in tight spots, taking strain out of a full day of inspections. Text, sketch and record voice annotations easily with this camera.  With the 12°Precision HDIR Lens you can extend the reach of your infrared camera to measure small or distant objects. Great for transmission lines, substations and large industrial facilities. Find heat anomalies quickly and measure with accuracy. The calibrated sensors and lenses work together ensuring your readings are true and exact. Exceptional thermal sensitivity of < 0.02°C at +30°C, 2x better than the industry standard. UltraMax  super-resolution quadruples the pixel count up to 3.1 MP, for finer detail and accuracy. One-click Rapid Report generation lets you share images and findings fast. Complete with SD memory card, 2 rechargeable batteries, 2-bay battery charger, power supply, Bluetooth adapter, USB and video cables, stylus pen, lens cap, headset and hard carrying case.

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