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GAF Discounted Part 107 Training


Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 training curriculum exceeds all aeronautical knowledge factors outlined by the FAA and teaches you everything you need to know to earn your remote pilot certificate.

  • Learn fundamental safety practices
  • Understand the Federal Aviation Regulations for UAS operations
  • Gain essential knowledge about the importance of pre-flight inspections
  • Learn how to identify and prevent hazards associated with UAS operations
  • Learn human factors and aeronautical decision making best practices
  • Get an introduction to thermal imaging for inspections
  • Learn how to optimize camera settings to take high quality aerial photos that can be used for marketing and more 

    2018 Training Dates:

    January 23rd - 25th     
    February 20th - 22nd
    March 20th - 22nd
    April 24th - 26th
    May 22nd - 24th
    June 19th - 21st
    July 24th - 26th
    August 21st - 23rd
    September 25th - 27th
    October 23rd - 25th
    November 27th - 29th
    December 18th – 20th

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